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    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia House

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    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia House is located in Street 454, No 92G in the Toul Tom Pong
    area 500 meters from the "Russian Market" in Phnom Penh.

    The House consists of 3 floors with access to a spacious rooftop area. The space has been
    divided in: a central reception and meeting area, and the office and kitchen on the ground
    floor; a practice / meditation room and a room for healing, massage and individual classes on
    the first floor. There is a room for the resident teacher or for guests on the first floor. The
    reception area is also the space to meet and talk, and to enjoy yogi tea and other

    The Kundalini Yoga team offers a variety of activities in the house, such as Kundalini Yoga
    classes, healing including Reiki, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and Yoga, and meditation classes.
    The team offers classes in Khmer language facilitated by the Cambodian teachers. Other
    Kundalini Yoga classes are in English or French with Khmer translation.

    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia House
    Street 454, No 91G
         Toul Tom Pong II (near the "Russian Market")
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Phone: 092-429 835
    Email: info@KundaliniYogaCambodia.org
    Web: www.KundaliniYogaCambodia.org

Updated: 29 09 2012
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